A little about Vashon's history

Vashon has a rich history of Pacific Northwest Indigenous Peoples, immigrants, farmers, fisherman, and laborers.

We recognize those that were here before us such as the Sqababsh, S'Homamish, Salish, S'Puyalupubsh, Tulalip, and Marpole populations.

In 1792, during exploratory missions on Puget Sound, Captain George Vancouver named Vashon Island after his friend Captain James Vashon. When Lt. Charles Wilkes surveyed the Sound in 1841, he named Maury Island after William A. Maury, a member of his crew. At the time, there was a portage between the two islands. Prior to these “discoveries,” Native Americans had lived on the island for centuries… (continue reading on historylink.org)

Where to learn more:

Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association

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